New Secret Garden Bath Bombs

They say good things come in small packages in this case

S20160227_152955imple and quaint, but wait,……

Inside this beauty, is a wonderful surprise for any romantic,

Bursting with not only skin loving moisturising oils, but a wonderful surprise color burst and rose petals surrounded by luxurious foam,


A20160227_153010lso available rose petal creamer bombs. Not so subtle but just as sweet

Scented with jasmine essential oil

Also available many more styles, contact me for more information

A little piece of Beautiful

Just a bit of an update,I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Bling Bomb by now,…well now you may even find an Extra special surprise,  You may now find real diamonds in your special bubbling Bling Bomb

Available in a few scents, Mango Papaya, pink Grapefruit,  Pink Sugar,  Sun n Sand, Sweetgrass,Lemongrass,  and more, (for a little more)Custom scents available on request available in bubbling or non bubbling if requested,

What will you find in yours?


Atomic Balm bath n body

Made from Nature,made to Nurture

Its Been a While, what have I been up to you ask?…

well guys I really have to apologize,  it’s been ages since I’ve written,  or even looked at any of my other sites,  well why you ask, what have I been up to that’s had me so busy.

First off  I’m not sure if any of you know, but I recently opened up  shop on etsy, yes I still have my store envy, but there’s not been much going on there, to be honest I’m thinking of shutting it down,

So as well as working on products for etsy, I’ve also been working on a reusable bubblebath  wand, on the lines of Lush  Magic wish wand, I have to admit  I’m still very fond of Lush  but why buy when I make my own right, anyways I wanted to make a wand that was simular but had more skin benifits  and wouldn’t iritate  the  most sensitive skin and I think I’ve accomplished  that, I’m super excited.  You can see  my listing on etsy if your interested my shop is called Atomicbalmbathnbody  If you didn’t want to  make your own I am available  and will gladly  make you some

Here’s a couple pictures of some of the ones I’ve  been playing with20151013_104920 IMG_20151013_072826 FB_IMG_1444169219929

I’ve also been making jewelry bombs, these are mono bath bombs with a suprise piece  of jewelry,  so once your wonderful bath is over, you have a wonderful  item  for yourself,  these make great gifts, Looking to have a romantic bath for two? Want to propose? I cane make one for you, or that special someone.

Anyway I have lots I can catch you up on, but It will have to wait until next time,

I just wanted to touch base and let you all know that I’m still around,